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Give them a reason to seek you out

Creative pre-exhibition promotion of your services to attendees. You want to make people seek you out because you’ve piqued their interest by communicating to them before the show what makes you stand out from the others. This is best achieved in mixed media, you can’t rely entirely on blast emails anymore. Attendees need to perceive a value to visiting you, whether it’s product based (to see your line or meet your team), incentive based (to receive a gift or enter a raffle), or relationship based (to see/meet someone that they are familiar with). Solid advance work needs to go into getting them interested in your company so that when they see your booth there is an immediate recognition and brand perception, then your campaign needs to be backed up throughout the booth, mimicking your concept/colors/promotions to meet their expectation.

It's easier to persuade Existing Customers

Ideally start 6 months prior to your show to get onto your customers busy calendars, and then increase your frequency as you get closer to the show. If you have regular company e-newsletters this is a great place to promote upcoming trade show appearances.  Remember, you still need a value add as mentioned in tip 1.

Use their Senses!

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked cookies or brewed coffee, so use this simple trick to draw visitors to your stand. This also lends to fantastic opportunities to partner with a bakery wanting to gain exposure - saving you costs and creating a sensational vibe at your stand.

Step out of the Haze

Take a look at the norms in your industry and seek opportunities to zig where others zag. If possible, attend shows outside your industry to gain a broader scope of exhibit-marketing approaches and strategies you might be able to add to your own arsenal. Adopt and adapt ideas from the retail, corporate event, or even special-event world. All three are full of concepts that are practically ready-made for the exhibit hall and could be perfect for your program.

Package your Offering

There is nothing worse than trying to explain your entire company offering to a fidgety exhibition visitor. Be absolutely crystal clear on the problem you are solving and what product they can buy to solve this problem. And don't forget to throw in a 'But WAIT! There's more!' deal to get them to sign up on the day.

It's in the Vibe

Don't forget that it takes very little to get people's attention, from music to gorgeous girls. But if you want to be more elegant in your approach, set up a photo-booth or hire a camera crew to interview and photograph visitors at your stand. Trust me, hire a crew. Giving a camera to a staff member will (and always does) result in blurry unusable photo's and no collection of names and details of who is in the photo. Then, don't forget to tag them on Facebook at the end of your event on your prestigious 'Wall of Fame'. And remember to make sure the photo's are flattering :)

Get Enthusiastic!

No-one wants to buy or talk to someone who is half asleep and has coffee spilt on their shirt. Get your team polished up and looking their very best for the show. On the morning of the exhibition, round up your team and get them excited by either offering an exciting opportunity to the most customers details collected or most products sold. Don't have a team? Well then hire a team of gorgeous girls from a promotions agency, train them up on your Packaged Product (Tip 5) for the show, brief them on your company and get them to attract, engage and capture the visitors details.

Have Fun!

I think we all get too bogged down on the idea of how much money has been spent on the show that we forget to enjoy the experience, and genuienly talk to visitors without coming across as too eager or pushy. If you come across as genuine, asking questions and reminding them that you want to solve the problem they are encountering - then you will turn a visitor into a customer very quickly!

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